Friday, April 4, 2014


I recently started an April fitness photo challenge with my boot camp. The first day was to post your April Goal, I picked a quote and it was: "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference" -Winston Churchill. So I am to make changes to my attitude and my overall outlook. I'm really hoping I can keep up a little more regularly with this little piece of the interwebs. Like at least once a week! Sitting outside last night with my beautiful husband next to the pool on the most perfect Florida Spring evening, I began to self reflect a little..(I'm sure the Seagram's had nothing to do with it). Reflection on how far I have come and how far I can still go. I started to think about how I got here, and how blessed I am.

It has been almost 4 years since my friends and family basically looked at me like they had seen a ghost. Almost 4 years since my dad and I got in my car packed with all of my "things" and drove (let's be real here, I drove like 8 hours of the 30 hour trip) across the country from Arizona to Florida. Almost 4 years since I met my soon to be sister in law and father in law in a tiny pub in Boca. Who knew that this tiny pub would speak volumes about how my weekends would change forever.

In 4 years I have gained a husband, a handsome smart and loving step-son and my most precious gain my gorgeous, almost 3 year old, Amelia. I have gained an amazing set of friends thanks to my husband being a part of (what he would call) the best sport in the world, rugby. In 4 years I have also done things that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would or could do. From sporting events at the likes of Wrigley and Lambeau to running a half marathon, para-sailing in Fort Myers Beach and losing 40 pounds (I know I know, I have gained a few back).

The point to me writing all of this down is I have lost focus recently and lost the ability somehow to juggle it all. I still have so far to go and I want to go farther. I LOVE to run, yet after my first half I can't get my shit together enough to properly train for another run (although I did PR in November at my second half). I love boot camp but I haven't been since I left for Arizona on 3/14. I love hot yoga but it's easily been a month since I have been to practice. I will find the balance of family and fitness and I will change my lifestyle to keep myself and my family healthy and happy.

I am so incredibly blessed to be able to run the 7 mile bridge run tomorrow with my sister in law. This has been one of those things I have been dying to do, but it always sells out in like 5 minutes. I woke up at 530 am one morning in February and sat at my computer hopeful that I would get in, and I did! I have not trained as much as I have wanted to, but I will not beat myself up for that.

I am signing up today for a 10k road race that you take like an hour break from and the run a 5k after. It is in mid May which gives me about 6 weeks to train, and train I will. And I will still go to boot camp 3-4 days per week, and get to hot yoga once a week and still find time for my friends and family, and I will do it with a big tired smile on my face! I have goals and my goals are too important to let my bad attitude get in the way!

What fun races do you have coming up?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Smokin in the boys room...

Okay not really... But I finally have a permanent bathroom partner! My baby girl is potty trained! I had the worst thoughts about this process. And since I'm a total control freak, I thought it was going to mean me taking a Friday off work and spending the weekend in the bathroom... Well my smart girl had plans of her own..

About a month ago she started using her training potty regularly at home and sleeping without a diaper, but going out in a public was a different story.. So we stuck to what she would do and did the pull-ups in public. My mom was here last week and I knew this would be her time to shine. After nana left on Saturday we have had many outing and no accidents! So I would say we are officially potty trained.

One more milestone for my big girl! Just a little more than 2.5 years old and she is growing up too fast, but she sure does look cute in her panties!

Friday, November 8, 2013

They say it's your Birthday!

My mom and her mom, carrying around my 10lb butt!
I want to wish a super special Happy Birthday to my mommy. She is the person who can push my buttons the most, but who I always need to call when something goes wrong. She saved me from having only child syndrome by having a baby sister for me just 11 months after I was born (we are the same age for a week in January), but when you have a baby as cute as me, you just cant help but have one more. 

When my parents divorced I was 5, we moved back to Arizona from California and my mom made sure to take care of us no matter what it took. We slept in the car while she had a paper route in the early hours of the morning then she dropped us at school and she went to work either at a convenience store or her bartending job. She made sure we had food on the table, and clothes on our backs. 
One of my favorite pictures of the Three Amigos
She is now the best Nana to my kids even though we live 2500 miles apart. I so wish we lived closer, (not only for the endless babysitting), but because her and Amelia would be the best partners in crime. 

Happy Birthday wishes from Ross, Andrea, Liam and Amelia, we hope you have the best day and we cant wait to see you in just 11 short days!

xoxox mom

Looks like we need to take a new picture as there are now 2 more boys and 3 girls to add to this photo!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

It was a beautiful day, the sun beat down....

I didn't really do a post race recap of my first half because it was completely different than I had hoped my first experience would be like. For some people the Disney races are the PERFECT option for a first race, but for me I had been training so hard and for so long, I wanted to RUN and kick ass. The course is not totally runner friendly, its more about the experience, environment and a TON of people.

I had been itching all summer to find a half to sign up and train for (most races are non existent in Florida from like May to September) and about 8 weeks prior to Sunday I found one. It was still crazy hot here at the time, but I figured I could get in enough training to be semi ready for this. I have still been going to boot camp regularly, but my running was very sporadic. I did not follow the training schedule I put myself on and I have gained like 15 lbs since February so I was sort of hoping for a miracle on Sunday. My Princess time was like 3:14 which was about 45 minutes slower than what I trained for, so all I was hoping for was to not finish last and to beat that time, if only by 1 minute.
On the way to pick up Brit.. Pretty nervous!

Daylight savings on a race night is not cute.. especially if you have lived your whole life in Arizona and still don't comprehend the whole thing.. luckily my iphone is smarter than me and set my clock for me. That didn't stop me from waking up about 50 times from 10p to 430a to check and see what time it was and if my alarm was still set! So after a whole grain waffle and peanut butter sandwich, a bottle of water and a pre race poo (thank goodness) I was on my way! We got to the park super early, parking can be a real bitch at the beach, so I wasn't really sure what to expect and I didn't want that to add to my nerves.

30 minute time improvement!
I was pretty excited to be running a new course and to hopefully run a lot of it.. I took off pretty fast and was sitting around a 10:30 minute pace for the first 3 miles.. but this is a half marathon not a 5k so I had to slow myself down. I enjoyed almost everything about this race exceptt the last 3 miles. I would have much rather ran a little further into one of the neighborhoods or even looped down near the bridge again, instead they had us loop in the park where there was a fork for people finishing or for people at mile 10 and I passed my bloody car. Both were tempting options, but I ran on and looped back around into the park. I could hear the finish line so I put the turbo boosters on and killed my 3:14 time!

I run like a girl! Oh and why the hell did I wear a ribbed tank? My bingo wings were on FIRE!

For a much more detailed looked into this race, check out Brittany's post.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday!

So What! if:

I dont love Lady Gaga, but if 'Applause' comes on during a run, I kick it up a notch and even throw my hands in the air a few times. 

My sweet daughter went pee pee on the potty once this weekend and her prize was a new "brella" and a purse.. She asked to get out of the pool to do it, grown ass people dont even do that! She's had a big week for first, dentist, finally going in the ocean and pee pee.. She earned that "brella"

I am still gaining weight even though I have been eating properly and have ran or gone to boot camp (or both) every day since Saturday.. Aunt Flo is in town, so if this shit isn't under control by the weekend, I am going to lose my mind. But as a reminder, I used to look like this, so I just need to get over it!

My running pace is still slow, taking the summer off was a really BAD idea. But I am out there, I am in love with running again and come hell or high water I am finishing my half on Sunday with my head held high!

 Link up so I can find out what you are saying So What! to this week!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I gave birth to a nine-pound baby, asshole. I think I can handle it.

I always think about Meg Ryan yelling that whenever difficult situations comes at me.

Right now I have 3 main ones:
trying to keep up with my blog
training for my half that is in 11 days
keeping my out of work husband motivated around the house and with Miss Amelia

I started this here blog to keep my family in Arizona updated on our lives and to connect with people that are runners and getting back into shape. I have failed miserably at both. So I am pledging to make one family related and one fitness/health/running related post a week and improve from there.

I am super excited to be signed up for this race and I am looking forward to it. I am, however terrified that I have gained too much weight this summer and lost so much speed that I am going to finish dead last. Thank goodness for Brittany, she is the best running support system. She pumps me up, talks me down from the ledge regularly and makes me laugh at her OCD ways and unfortunately for her, she is moving closer to me again, so now we can run when its dark and I'm too scared to go by myself.. I know living/running near the beach is nice and all, but I have a pretty sweet canal we can run along. HAHA

Last long run before the half is this Sunday.. I'm going to get a treadmill run in tomorrow morning in case Florida is being its bipolar self. Because if its too bloody hot (85+ degrees) here or raining tomorrow afternoon I wont be able to hit the pavement.

My husband, oh my sweet husband. He hasn't quite found his calling yet for a job. He does so many things well and is an incredible writer... Do you think if I write emails to all his prospective employers it will help his chances? In my eyes he is a super hero, this has to count for something, right?

Looking forward to my weekend (I have Friday AND Monday off) one of my closest and oldest (meaning that we have known each other since we were 12) friends, Cecilia is coming to visit from Arizona and I am so excited to see her!

Halloween is coming up too! I am not at all into Halloween, but the kids are so I guess I better get on board. Liam has Amelia convinced that she is going to be bunny and he will be a bat.

Friday, September 27, 2013

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

Most of Coach John Wooden's words resonate with me at some point in my life. This particular quote always sticks out the most. 

To say I have been struggling since my last half, over 6 months ago would be an understatement. I have put on weight because I cannot get my eating habits under control. I have lost stamina because I cannot make time for my runs. I have let my physique get flabby again because I cannot get to Bootcamp. I have all the usual excuses, Im tired, its hot as balls outside, I hate running on the treadmill! 

Problem is, I CAN do all of these things. In the past I have made time for my running, Bootcamp and food prep and I will again! My family will still love me - even if I am tired, bitchy (more than normal) and short on time.

Having something to train for is a big motivator, I'm big into rewards and the overall satisfaction of completing a race. So today I signed up for my 2nd half.
This race has a 3 hour time limit so that's a big motivator for training runs. I get a medal - winning! It's for a great cause and well donuts. That's right all half finishers get a pancake breakfast and a dozen donuts! 

I'm nervous, like really nervous. But I refuse to let what I "think" I cannot do, get in the way with all of the wonderfully fulfilling things that I can do!

Any tips on my short 5 week training plan? What are you going to do to keep yourself motivated?